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We are attorneys and we specialise in divorce law, offering legal help to any one going though a divorce.

As part of our professional code (to which a non-professional is not bound) we offer the utmost privacy and confidentially in our consultations allowing you to talk about sensitive matters more easily.

Therefore, do not waste your time on second-best, unprofessional advice when you can have first grade professional service with us.

Divorce is never easy

Divorce is never a pleasant matter and therefore, should you wish to divorce your partner your simply can not afford to leave such a sensitive matter in the hands of a non-professional.

Your financial well being after divorce will entirely depend on the manner in which your case is conducted. Furthermore, if you have children, it is not simply the future of the person divorcing involved, but also the future of your children. You would need a professional to ensure that you and your children get the best deal out of the proceedings as possible.

Many people tender services as divorce specialists, but many are simple not trained attorneys and can not give you the same professional advices that an attorney would be able to give you. Although many may claim to be cheap on the short run, the cost for unsound advice on the long run can be tremendous.

Thus the old proverb "penny wise but pound foolish" rings most true for a divorce. If you are unsure whether you are entitled to a divorce or not, consider the following: if you feel that the relationship between yourself and your partner has irreparably broken down, you are entitled to a divorce. There are many signs of an irreparably broken down marriage, for instance when your partner is battering you or has been unfaithful.

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